Thursday, August 13, 2009

Couple of weeks in transit camp

After spending a couple of days in Tanum you will be transferred to one of the transit camps.In the camp you will stay till you are done with your interview.Those who have got Dublin case are not interviewed,instead they will be transferred to some other camps(not transit). Asylum seekers usually stay in transit camps from 3 to 8 weeks.
If you have no Dublin case expect the UDI to call you for interview in 2 to 4 weeks.After that you will be transferred to other camps where you are going to stay till your result for your asylum application arrive.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Your first day in Tanum

Tanum,approximately 20 kilometres from Oslo,will be the place you will be transferred from the police station.You will stay in Tanum not more than a week.You will stay in Tanum till you are done with medical check ups(a compulsory tuberculosis test and other tests you might need to check voluntarily,filling the form called personal declaration and attend an information meeting held by NOAS (Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers).
In Tanum you will be given some pieces of clothes,shoes and blankets.And you will not hate the food served in the cafe.You will probably think if the Norwegian people's favorite food is rice.Tea and cafe are something that you will find everywhere served...even in the office.
The NOAS will held an information meeting with you in a language you prefer.The meeting is accompanied by a movie in your language discussing the asylum process in Norway.In addition to this the NOAS will give you basic information on how to fill the personal declaration form and they will give you pamphlets that thoroughly clarify the asylum process.
A couple of days later you will present your application by completeing the personal declaration form.This is a form consisting of many questions about yourself, your family and your basis for seeking asylum. The form is completed three to four days after arrival at the asylum reception center at Tanum. You don’t have to complete an undertaking if you don’t know how to write. You must be careful in filling this form.
After you finish the above all,you will be transferred to transit camps located near Oslo.
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Quick facts about Norway

Facts about Norway

Head of State: His Majesty King Harald V of Norway
Head of Government: Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg
Area: 385 155 km2
(as per 1 January 2008):
4 737 171
Population per km2: 16
Capital city: Oslo

Norwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk)
(In some districts, Sámi is also an
official language)
State Church: Church of Norway (Evangelical Lutheran)
GDP (2008): NOK 2 538 billion
GDP (per capita, 2008): NOK 532 245
Currency: Norwegian kroner (NOK)
1 krone = 100 øre
Constitution Day: 17 May
Population growth (2007): 1.2
Average life expectancy
female: 82,7 years
male: 78.2 years

Your first move towards seeking asylum

The first move you've to do is just go get a police(you can easily get a police in the Airport or train station) and tell him that you are an asylum seeker.Never get scared from a police!policemen in Norway are polite,they don't even attack you for just asking them about what you are looking for like what policemen do back in my country.If you have documents with you that you don't think can cause you trouble,never hesitate to hand it to the police.
The police will immediately take you to the police station in Oslo.You can even go to the police station by yourself with out seeking help from police or some one else.The police station is not far away from Oslo's train station.
When you arrive at the police station,push the door and then ask the police man you get first that you are seeking asylum.He will probably ask you about your mother tongue and where you came from.Never expect him to ask you about your full name.He will take your finger print(your thumb and index finger's) and will give you a number.Then you will be admitted to a reception room to wait for your turn for a police interview.
If you have a Dublin case(if you have sought asylum in other country that signed the Dublin regulation before or if you have your fingerprints taken in one of the countries that signed the Dublin regulation) don't even think or dream of lying!The police at the front door who took your two fingers' prints won't tell you that you have a Dublin case.You can even pretend as if you don't have a Dublin case for months thinking the Norwegian authorities couldn't find your fingerprint in the Dublin database.Come on!don't deceive your self!once your fingerprint is taken in any of the European countries ,you can't lie about it in any other country.Just tell the police the truth of the route you took to get to Norway.
Then you will get to conduct a police interview which involves taking your whole fingers' prints.In the interview you will be asked about yourself,the case that brought you to Norway and the route and way you took to reach Norway.In addition they will request you to hand them any document you have in hand.I recommend you to bring with you every document you think can help,specially those that can identify about you.Then you will be given an ID card.
After you are done with the interview,you will be transported to a transit camp called Tanum with your fellow asylum seekers you will probably meet in the police station.
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Monday, August 10, 2009

An increased arrival of asylum seekers in Norway

So far this year according to norwaypost 9900 asylum seekers have arrived in Norway.The source claims that 45 percent increase has been witnessed this year compared to the same period last year.It's expected that this year could be a new record.
Out of the 9900 asylum seekers Afghan and Eritrean asylum seekers hold the major figure.And the source continues that 1417 seekers claim to be minors of whom 1000 to be Afghans.
According to the UDI(Norwegian directorate for immigration) so far this year only 40 percent of the seekers are granted asylum on humanitarian ground or other forms of protection.